Speed limits on Tasmanian Roads

The maximum speed possible on roads outside cities and towns is usually 100 kms per hour with the exception of some major highways where it is 110 kms per hour. The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 kms per hour unless otherwise indicated. Speed cameras and random breath testing units operate throughout Tasmania. Smoking in cars with passengers under the age of 18 is banned in Tasmania and incurs an on the spot fine.

Weather Conditions and Road Closures

Tasmania's roads can occasionally be affected by flooding , snow and black ice. Drive to suit the road conditions. All vehicle occupants must wear seat belts. For up-to-date information check with any of our accredited Visitor Information Centres or visit; 
Tasmania Police Community alerts and road closures.


The Road Safety Advisory Council has launched a new guide for visiting drivers on their website. It provides advice for international tourists, touring motorcyclists and new Tasmanians with simple travelling tips, road rules and what to do in an emergency. It can be viewed in a range of different languages.   Visit the Road Safety Advisory Council web site for more information.

International visitors

Touring Motorcyclists

New to Tasmania (seasonal workers, international students, and new Tasmanians)


Mobile Phone Reception

The Telstra Network has the most extensive coverage in Tasmania. Check with accredited Visitor Information Centres for carrier coverage details.


For Police, Fire and Ambulance dial 000 from fixed lines and mobiles. 112 is the GSM international standard alternate emergency number which can only be dialled on digital mobile phones. Special roaming capabilities of the majority of mobile phones when calling 000 or 112 means that when you are out of your service provider's coverage area, your call will be carried on the other carrier's network. Check this with your service provider.



Bushfires can start without warning and quickly impact your travel route. The Fire danger season in Tasmania usually runs from November to March.   During the season fire restrictions and strict controls apply to the lighting of fires and the use of certain tools and machinery in order to reduce the chance of bushfires starting.   For more information about fires see the information below, visit or pick up a brochure from an accredited visitor information centre.      

Bushfire Safety for Travellers                                                      Bushfire Safety for Travellers (Mandarin)

Bushfire Safety for Travellers print friendly version             

Bushfire Travel Smart tips

The winter months in Tasmania usually produce the greatest rainfall but summer storms can cause flash flooding.   For more information about floods see the information below, visit or or pick up a brochure from an accredited visitor information centre.


Quarantine Regulations

Tasmania has stringent quarantine regulations. Amongst other items plants and fresh fruit and vegetables are not permitted to be brought into the State. For more information visit the Quarantine web site;
Traveller's Guide to Tasmanian Quarantine - What You Can and Can't Bring into Tasmania

Ban on the use of plastic bags

Legislation was introduced in November 2013 that prohibits retailers in Tasmania from supplying shoppers with light-weight, non-bio degradable plastic bags less than 35 microns in thickness, to carry or transport goods bought from the retailer.   

National Park Passes

A National Parks Pass is needed for entry into all of Tasmania's National Parks. Parks Passes can be purchased from National Parks or at accredited Visitor Information Centres around the State.


For information on hiking in Tasmania visit Parks and Wildlife Tasmania;
Before You Walk - Essential Bushwalking Guide

Fishing in Inland Waters

A fishing licence is required to be able to fish in Tasmania's inland waters. For more information and to purchase licences ask at an accredited Visitor Information Centre.




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